January 25, 2013

chainsaw sharpener

sharpening chainsaw chain with a file is dull, I need a chain saw sharpener. New bar and chain combo kits are under a hundred bucks, but when you have three chain saws to sharpen, that adds up, quickly. I decided after many years of sharpening my chains by hand with a file, i would end up with inconsistently sharpened left and right hand saw teeth, causing the chainsaw to cut badly an to one side. If this chainsaw sharpener does all my saw chain just twice, it will have paid for it self. ten minutes later i was gone with this chain, ;) small kiss on the depth gauges and all. Using a conventional depth gauge and marking pen you can move around the entire saw chain just marking each tooth of the chain. Then just touch the sharper and remove your mark to reveal the sharpened depth gauge at a new lower height.Shop ROCKNTV1

chainsaw sharpener ROCKNTV1.COM
I just clamped the chainsaw sharpener to the side of the toasty wood stove, fixed the angel of the grinder to match the angle, and sharpened my chains by the fire. enjoy the review video
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