January 9, 2013

Centerpoint laser flashlight kit

Centerpoint laser flashlight kit mounted on a 4x16x40 adventure scope. A benjamin trail xl1100 .22 air rifle shooting in the dark laser test review of the red dot laser sighting kit from crosman. 2 laser kits seem to exist in limited availability, this laser/flash light kit with pressure switches, red light filter and batteries included for 1" rifle scope tube. This laser (cplfkt) kit has scope ring adapters for 30-50mm objective rifle scopes. Watch a video test review of the crosman centerpoint laser combo tactical light, shooting. enjoy ;)
REVIEW VIDEO:Shooting a crosman Benjamin trail np xl1100 .22 air rifle , from the hip, in the dark using the laser red dot, shooting at night tactical laser sighting.Shop ROCKNTV1:

Using the center point laser in the dark was a serious treat once "zeroed" and confidence built the pellet was going to go where the red dot laser beam is lighting. The trail xl1100 np air rifle is a big, heavy air gun, that requires much practice to shoot effectively using a high power rifle scope. Mounting a laser, and tactical light to the scope, allowed me to shoot easily at targets an inch in diameter at 90'(bench) Here i show the 45' indoor shooting range, from the hip. = SHARE ROCKNTV1