December 21, 2012

Singer 27 1890s sewing machine

MINDLESS BORING:Singer 27 / 127 vs (vibrating shuttle)sewing machine: This antique singer sewing machine model 27 is old , but was not bought for its antique value. My singer 27 was purchased about ten years ago and lightly cleaned and oiled, but then placed in storage. The singer model and year were determined by the serial # dating this sewing machine to about 1896. Its vibrating shuttle feature proves it to be a of the singer 27 VS family of sewing machines.

Closer inspection of this singer 27 unit reveals, rebuilding or modernisation of this sewing machine in aproximatly the 1950s, with electric motor power replacing the treadle cabinate, REVCO tread tension adjustments, and a high mounted boobin winder. Fitted in to a Morse (a sewing machine manufacturer in the 1950s) portable case, a sewing light and newr style shuttle. finished the refurb. The old singer 27 was bought by me for its mechanicle and machine value and ocasional sewing. Supplied with a large assortment of Griest sewing attachments in the metal tin sealed the deal, even though Im certain i have no idea how to sew,,lol I pull the sewing machine out of the closet recently to once again be enthralled by the complex, yet simple design of the motion transferring linkage and cams internal to the sewing machine. At the the time singer built this machine (1890s) It was considered a marvel of engineering and a world changing device. My interest as of late was in the bobbin winder which converts rotary motion in to reciprocal motion to wind the thread on the bobbin. This arrangement is simple and effective and I was wondering how to adapt the "heart shaped" cam wheel to be a automatic stop for th power feed of my lathe, making my machine more like an automatic screw machine.