December 22, 2012

Coffee on demand ? dcc3000 maker

Coffee: on demand ? SIDE BY SIDE his and hers coffee makers. After almost 2 years of daily use of the cuisinart DCC2000FR, and wiping the coffee off the kitchen counter, the replacement coffee pot, a new dcc-3000 coffe on demand 12 cup takes over the brewing duty for my side of the kitchen,;) believe it or not we have his and hers coffee makers in the kitchen. A keurig k cup bean smelter brews the coffee on her side and the dcc3000 on mine. The cuisinart coffee maker does look great on my side sporting cool stainless steel and black, and a really cool pouring light when you touch the pour button. 12 cup electronic programmable brew control a screen mesh brew filter and sample paper coffee filters included.Shop ROCKNTV1:

CUISINART DCC2000FR DCC-3000 kEURIG CUP CUPS COFFEE, ON DEMAND his and hers coffee makers REVIEW MESH FILTER screen charcoal K CUP video = SHARE ROCKNTV1