October 10, 2012


MADE IN CHINA FIXED IN USA: With the American economy in the hopper, I will fix or junk all the made in china products that dont work. RANT, this is the first video in a series i intend to produce showing the quality of chinese manufacturing. 2012 almost to a close I once again purchased a 35 year old American made tool, only to be let down by chinese made replacement parts.
Looking back, I estimate 85% of items brought into my house hold to be made in china, and of a quality that i can only describe as "disposable". More than 50% of these products were fixed by me in the usa, and barely usable for the intended purpose out of the box. Now, i do not hold the average Chinese worker at all responsible, but the plant managers, and engineers. Shame on american manufacturing and the greediness, your decision to have your products made in china and shipped here will cost YOU in the future. Latest made in china rant, hardware nuts and bolts, whats up with chines screw cutting and threading,, totaly out to lunch machine work. CHINA made log splitter fix video