October 8, 2012

ANSI z87.1 Safety glasses v Hunting air rifle

TECH: ANSI z87.1 Safety standard eye wear. Protective shooting glasses ballistic test .22 Cal air rifle. Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 vs ANSI Z87.1 safety standard. In this video by show you a pair of safety glasses for used on a construction site or anywhere that impact resistant OSHA approved eye protection would be needed. I test the ansi z87.1 / ANSI Z94.3 safety standard vs. the Benjamin Trail nP XL 1100 hunting air rifle. Not all safety glasses are created the same especially cheap sunglasses the should not be considered proper eye protection for impact resistance on the construction site or even motorcycle riding. ANSI Z94.3 is the newer standard protective eye wear safety standard for impact resistance. The shooting test, is from 30 feet with a 21.3 grain demon Cody at Pellet, at 30 feet. The estimated feet per second of the pellet shot from the XL 1100 is approximately 850 fps with 25 flbs of energy.
All the conclusion of this test shows, full penetration of the safety goggles did not happen, yet the impact broke the safety glasses into pieces. Enjoyed this video documenting the impact of rating
.22 caliber air rifle vs. ANSI Z87.1 safety standard shooting glasses. Used in this test were Beeman Kodiac 21.3 gr lead airgun pellets. = SHARE ROCKNTV1