September 2, 2012

Alumadot air rife gun case review

Lodge OutFitters Aluma-dot gun case, video review: My Benjamin trail xl 1100 air rifle fits nicely into the Aluma-dot double gun case by Lodge OutFitters. The Aluma-dot double gun case is lockable and padded with an egg crate type liner. This tactical hard shell gun case measures just over 50" long and is a perfect fit for the crosman Benjamin trail np .22 that measures approx 48.5" butt pad to muzzle.
In the video review of the Lodge OutFitters Aluma-dot double gun case, I will show you some great value accessories I have picked up like the shoot n rest, shooters bags from Winchester. These low cost shooting bags may be used as a bench rest for sighting your air rifle scope or a steady, for rifle maintenance. Both the gun case, and the shooting bags can help protect your air rifle or fire arm for years of hunting or target shooting pleasure. = SHARE ROCKNTV1