August 31, 2012

Greenlee CM-450 and my multimeter collection

My new Greenlee CM-450 multimeter is an edition to my multimeter collection, in this review video i tell you why. The first multimeter to have a spot in ny tool box was most certainly an analog meter, with the swing of the needle providing an indicator for reading the multimeter. In later years, testing electric components from automotive systems to hobby science projects prompted my purchase of a digital multimeter, although certain motorcycle and electronic ignition and charging systems forced me to buy a new analog multimeter to read the swing as my digital meter would not provide resistance reading bellow a .5 rang of the digital scale. My new Greenlee CM-450 multimeter has most functions a electrician would neem and provides a Hz frequency of supplied currant so i may set up my home generator for 60Hz backup power. Multimeter's in this video: Greenlee CM-450 true RMS, A.W. SPERRY DM4100A. and last but not least an analog GB instruments GMT 19A multimeter. = SHARE ROCKNTV1