August 28, 2012

Wet Basement Cure Dehumidifier LG LD451egl

Wet Basement Cure Dehumidifier LG LD451egl: Brought home the LD451egl dehumidifier from LG electronics today to combat sweaty pipes in my basement. The summer time brings excess moisture to the air and mostly closed basement areas may get musty or harbour mold spores not conducive to good health. High humidity isn't good for your house, or anything you may have stored in your basement, like guitars, drums or electronics. So when the pipes in my basement started dripping water all over my PA and mixer, something had to be done.Shop ROCKNTV1:
The LG LD451eg dehumidifier has been able to remove the advertised amount of water from the air in my new home basement, and provide much drier conditions for my music room. The LG LD451eg dehumidifier is rated at 45 pints every 24hr with a 21 pint pail.
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