August 15, 2012

Cheap LCD Monitor find

Cheap lcd monitor finds on ROCKNTV1:Cheap lcd monitors and where I find them. I found these two lcd computer monitors very cheap and of good quality so i brought them home to replace the dell crt monitor i have been using. Replacing the sony trinitron tube i have been using for the better part of ten years with these flat panel lcd monitors will not only save space at my computer workstation but will save electricity and be much easier on the eyes.Shop ROCKNTV1:

Even a cheap lcd or newer led monitor screen can be an improvement for those who loo at a computer monitor all day as quicker refresh rate of an lcd monitor has been shown to be more healthy for the user. Enjoy cheap lcd monitor deals here and watch the video to see where i find them. Some times a cheap lcd monitor can be used ion conjunction with a dslr camera as a larger view finder. I have done this myself when the small lcd screen on my dv camera was insufficient. Having a large wide screen lcd panel monitor display really aids in focusing the camera.
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