July 20, 2012


TECH:BOUNTY HUNTER 840 AUTOMATIC VLF/TR METAL DETECTOR.The 840 AUTOMATIC VLF/TR METAL DETECTOR is a Very Low Frequency discriminating metal detector. Build by bounty hunter inc. in the late 1970's. Now a vintage metal detector, this 840 AUTOMATIC VLF/TR, was found while hunting a popular list, My research on the bounty hunter model 840 metal detector returned very little information as the original Bounty hunter manufacture has been bought a sold several times since the 840 AUTOMATIC VLF/Tr was made. Looking at the pictures online of the 840 AUTOMATIC VLF/TR METAL DETECTOR, I realized this was in new condition and i would have to have this metal detector for my treasure hunting adventures. The bounty hunter 840 is solidly built with all aluminum construction, and has a 8" search coil. With newer metal detectors made from plastic and digital lcd display, less informed metal detector users, and treasure hunters might snob noses at the old 840 vlf, with it's analog meter and boxy styling, only to find side by side testing to reveal a well working metal detector that is no heavier than a new one from bounty hunter, fisher garrett or tesoro discriminators.
The 840 vlf tr differs from the 8400, in that the batteries used in the 840 metal detector was two 9 volts, opposed to a "pack" of aa cells. The 840 also features an adjustable ground balance control to aid in discrimination in highly mineralized soil or salt water for beach hunting. A headphone jack is provided for standard 4-16 ohm stereo headphones with 1/4" plug. follow me along with this BOUNTY HUNTER 840 AUTOMATIC VLF/TR METAL DETECTOR video as my first installment of ROCkNTV1 treasure and relic hunting videos.

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