June 26, 2012

Dell dimension 4700 sound problem solved

TECH: Dell dimension 4700 cheap computer. Found this dell 4700 cheap for parts, but after a my clean pc session, I determined there was nothing wrong with the computer. No virus, or other hardware issue. This Dell dimension 4700 was shipped by dell in 2005 with a gig of ram memory, a creative labs audigy 2 sound blaster sound card , and ati graphics board X300. A quick look at the computers BIOS reveled that the previous owner of the computer had installed upgrade memory to the pc, which caused a post error dated 2010, was the last time the computer was booted.
After a cleaning of my pc, the computer and a Re-seating all the cards, the used Dell dimension 4700 booted right up and ran the dell installed windows xp media center operating system, nice. Very scratchy, static like sound cam from the computer sound card, discouraging, but not lost for hope, I swapping the Audigy 2 sound card into the pci slot where the modem was at, bing, sound card issue gone, but as a long time user of creative sound blaster boards,, since dos, I have had this sound card PROBLEM before, never placing a sound card in an adjacent slot next to a video card.
Dell dimension 4700 hardware specs:
intel Prescott 520 p4 cpu, sata 150 hdd, 80 gig hard drive, ATIz300se video card and 3d graphics, creative sound blaster Audigy 2, 6.1 surround sound, windows xp media center edition 2006, 56kmodem. on motherboard intel 10/100 network Dell dimension 4700 sound problem solved = SHARE ROCKNTV1