November 20, 2011

panasonic microwave problem fix

TECH: Panasonic inverter microwave h965wfx problems, yes but while we are going to fix it, the plan is to use this Panasonic microwave for high voltage experiments and other inverter projects. I don't want to make a Jacobs ladder or a plasma ball. I originally thought i would make a welder from the (MOT) microwave oven transformer, this Panasonic microwave oven, model h965wfx is of the new inverter style microwave ovens. These microwave ovens do not have the large easily re wire able transformer like the older ovens.
The ROCKNTV1™ video here shows the malfunctioning micro switch causing the panasonic h965wfx inverter microwave not to function, but is easily replaceable and likely one of the main reasons for problems with this microwave oven. Even thought this is a cheap fix, we will use this microwave oven and it's parts for high voltage hobby projects. = SHARE ROCKNTV1