November 22, 2011


MINDLESS BORING:In this video I show you a MITUTOYO 504 dial test indicator, and a 7019B MAGNETIC BASE in a cheap vs. quality tools comparison. Some home shop machinists may use Harbor freight measuring tools, and while they say precision on them there are some differences. Hobby machining does not often require super precision measurements, although we all like to be able to say that we produce parts to the tenth of a thousandth accuracy.
In order to do this, your precision measuring tools and instruments must not only be set up properly, their components must be of quality on every level. The MITUTOYO, 7019b MAGNETIC BASE, holding a MITUTOYO 504 dial test indicator, with all arms at 90 degrees to the part to be measured, and the base set on a machine surface you'll be sure to get an accurate measurement. Setting the arms of the mag base or the indicator at anything other than 90 degrees and perpendicular, will introduce errors into the measuring process. The cheaper quality, mag bases do not have the weight or sufficient rigidity in the locking mechanisms to provide dead accurate measurements. This is why machinists who know will spend the extra money to buy quality precision measuring tools. With proper care. many will never buy them again. This is one thing that cannot be said for the cheap measuring tools. I use my MITUTOYO Dti and mag base daily on lathes and milling machines, thanks to the old machinist who bought quality tools. = SHARE ROCKNTV1