November 2, 2011

Lathe mandrels work holding

Mindless Boring: Lathe mandrels, are used for turning work pieces that do not lend themselves to being held in a chuck. There are several types of lathe mandrels, the ones in this video are of the solid steel type. It is made from precision ground steel on a slight taper. The mandrel is meant to hold a work piece with a center hole to provide access to both sides of the work piece mounted between centers. Holding a work piece between centers in the lathe this way will allow turning the OD of a work piece to a concentric diameter in relation to the ID mounted on view lathe mandrels. Usually held between centers on the lathe and driven with a lathe dog by a slotted face plate. Solid lathe mandrels are made to specific diameter AND is to be used on work with these inside A diameter, is then press fit to the work piece. Other types of lathe mandrels include expandable types which can be made to fit a range of inside diameters for work holding on the lathe. The taper on a lathe mandrel is used for the press fit into the work piece and transmission of turning power. These are some antique lathe mandrels made by the Morse Company.
They may also be used to check the size of a bored hole within the range of the taper, sort of the poor mans go/no-go gauge. = SHARE ROCKNTV1