November 2, 2011

LATHE armstrong tool holders

Mindless Boring: Armstrong tool holders are made to fit "lantern style" tool posts on Lathe machines such as the Logan, Atlas, Clausing, Southbend lathes and others as original equipment. These cutting tool holders accept a range of tool steel size in Hss, and carbide for use in a lathe. Armstrong Bros. style tool holders were the mainstay on engine lathes since the 1890's and are still in use by many who understand the inherent rigidity of the Armstrong design. Many have opted for quick change tool posts and holders for their lathe cutting tools looking to add speed to a production environment at an increased cost. The Armstrong Bros. Tool Co. still produces quality metal cutting tools in the u.s.a. and claim to continue to do so. Thanks Armstrong Bros. I am proud to own your products. This video is about the set of Armstrong tools i got with my old lathe, left and right hand tool holders, a Revolving Head Knurling Tool and a cut off blade holder.