August 25, 2011

inside bigdog lathe headstock

MINDLESS BORING: A look inside the BIG DOG 7x14 mini lathe headstock for steel gears, and proper lubrication. Most of the cheap mini lathes come through with plastic gears inside the headstock, with the exception of the cj0618 (bd-7x14) BD-0618Ax300 7x14 Mini Lathe from Big dog metalworks and the Micro-Mark 82710 MicroLux hobby lathe.
This is also true for the Harbor freight mini lathes, and cheaper versions. Here i show you the steel spindle gears and high / low speed gears in the headstock of the Big dog 7x14 lathe. Steel gear conversion kits for your 7x10 or 7x12 lathe are available although provisions must be made to resize the spindle spacer inside the head stock while the machine is apart. = SHARE ROCKNTV1