August 26, 2011


MINDLESS BORING: The features of the BIG DOG 7X14 mini lathe (bd-7x14) (cj0618a) TAILSTOCK, set it apart from the lighter duty tailstock offerings on the more popular Asian Harbor Freight mini lathes . Firstly it is far more heavy, secondly it has the cam lock mechanism built in from the factory, meaning the camlock mod is unnecessary. Fitted with an MT2 taper in the tailstock quill it accepts all the standard morse taper machine tools and adapters. The wall thickness on the quill barrel is far heavier than the harbor freight mini lathe and other Sieg built hobby lathe machines. The BIG DOG 7X14 mini lathe, is a upgrade Real Bull mini lathe style tailstock and also has an aluminum hand wheel with micrometer and inch and metric graduations etched on the quill barrel. As an added bonus the tailstock is drilled and fitted with an oil button to aid lubrication. BIG DOG Metalworks includes a ball bearing mt2 live center, hardened dead center and drill chuck with the 7x14 lathe. = SHARE ROCKNTV1