October 27, 2010

Intel centrino technology

TECH:What is Intel centrino? Should i get Centrino? Does my laptop, core Duo cpu have Centrino technology? All good questions, and the answer is pretty simple. First I will try to explain what Intel Centrino is, then what it is not, By then you should have a good Idea of what kind of technology you computer or laptop has..

Buy a laptop with centrino ? Centrino is a brand name conceived by Intel to encompass it's mobile chip set and wireless components to be tested and certified to work together as a unit. Intel Centrino with speedstep performance, reportedly out perform generically assembled PC hardware component architectures,eg: mobile processor, Intel mobile North bridge / southbridge, IO devices including the Intel wireless card and integrated graphics. In short, the building of any system, That includes parts, not of the Intel Centrino brand name DO NOT fall under the CENTRINO label. So, if your laptop, notebook, or pc has brand names like nvidia, ATI, Belkin, AMD ATHLON, you DID NOT buy Intel Centrino Technology. = SHARE ROCKNTV1