October 26, 2010

Intel 4695agn wireless n card hp

FULL SPEED N ?TECHNOLOGY: THE Intel 4695agn wireless n card in a hp pavilion dv6000/dv6700 laptop computer may be of single channel 2.4ghz allowing ONLY half speed, wireless n network communications @ 130mbs...

Intel 4695agn wireless n card repair / replace laptop,video. Dual band dual channel wireless routers using both 2.4 and 5ghz to enable multiple channels to provide N standard 300mbs data transfers, it is this feature the Intel 4695agn wireless n card is incapable of. The Hewlett Packard pavilion is further limited by it's hp BIOS, which seems to have locked out upgrades with a technique known as white listing. Parts "white listed" out of the BIOS WILL NOT RUN with out modified bios roms. communications diy repair replace hp spare 441088-001 = SHARE ROCKNTV1