August 9, 2010

The Other Guys: Indie ROCK BANDS

   THE OTHER GUYS in the music business have always been the indie music bands. These troops of full time "rice circuit" bands or The Other Guys, weekend cover rock warriors, are often over looked for their entertainment value. If I'm not playing Drums with one of these packs, or doing video for another,  I often, purposely, go looking for The Other Guys in some hole in the wall music joint to get my rock n roll fix.

Some times I just feel like being on the other side of the P.A. speaker cabinets, banging head and swilling beer with you guys. Indie rock bands, "the other guys" are where ALL MUSICIANS COME FROM. So hop on the other guys band wagon, have a beer down at your local, ** GET CAB IF NECESSARY **. ROCK N ROLL TV john@ROCKNTV1 = SHARE ROCKNTV1