August 9, 2010


QUINN:" The local music scene had a Heart attack, Stroke,and triple by~pass last Night...... It's dieing right before our Eyes. Original Music is on the endangered species List." NICK:" No One Cares anymore There all brainwashed by Lady Gaga and Lame Cover bands!" Jake: Manchester Harley supports local music. ABSURD
I tried to tell you guys this 6 years ago. Local music isnt dead, It's falling on deaf ears,,, people are slowly being conditioned to get their entertainment at home "PUT THE BAND IN YOUR HOUSE" ROCKNTV1 circa 2004. This is because of this countries underlying move to snuff your CIVIL rights. (READ MORE ABOUT NEW AMERICAN SLAVERY) Cops get away with pulling over whom ever they like and make up the probable cause for their courtroom antics..and most stay home to do their drinking, I say fight. I cant be alone around them ,,, This is why I wanted to promote threw the internet to gain following then command money at the door.
INDIE ROCK AND LOCAL MUSIC IS NOT DEAD,,It is the lamer cover bands who dont spend the time to play another artist music correctly,, or cant play it .. who dissatisfy the crowed ,, and come out with a bad name.
PINK FLOYED IS DEAD,,, and the only people listening are 55 years old or gonna be, THESE PEOPLE WONT COME TO YOUR SHOW.
RADIO QUALITY ROCK MUSIC , is THE GIG,, to be blunt,, MAKE THE TITTIES BOUNCE, if the titties are a bouncin. boyfriends buy beer,,, if boyfriends buy beer ,,, bar owner = happy, bar owner happy= you get paid,, you get paid = happy , more creative shows = more bouncin titties,,, more bouncin titties ,,,and the loop continues.
Beverly Upton:" Yep I agree... No one is into originality now a day's.... Those people suck..." YEAH I HEAR YA.. iVE POSTED 400 VIDEOS and not 3 comments from my friends here. lol,,, I might suck , but you wouldnt know ,, so who REALY SUCKS... LAZY FECKING PEOPLE, IF anyone is responsible for lack of participation at your shows its YOU ALL... QUINN WHAT R U THINK N. .. Everyone wants to lead the rock n roll life style (read band members) but when it comes to getting SERIOUS ... NONE of you guys really spend the time to turn your original music into something other then a creative jam that morph every time you play it, there by never gaining a finished status SONG.. WITH OUT THIS YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT GARAGE BAND, AND THE KIDS CAN BUY THAT FOR THEIR X-BOX FROM ME,,,LOL,,, The point I am trying to make is .... when enough people have heard your song(S) they will come to expect to hear it that way,, and judge your skill as a band,,, and your worthiness as purveyors of music,, if you can achieve this you wont need to worrY about a following.


NICK ,, several hours of vids from 05 you might like.


QUINN ,, you'LL figure it out

JAKE,, sup,, YOU GOT IT BACK WARDS,,,local music supports Manchester Harley,,, LETS FACE IT, WE ALL RIDE LUCKY FOR YOU. tHANK S FOR THE DELETE,, NO WORRIES ,, I KNOW HOW IT IS , when someone with 10000 friends on gayspace inundates your bulletins,,lol, its ok I only felt the pinch for a split second.

I have watched all internet communications on all the POPULAR SOCIAL NET WORKS SINCE 2004, and have not seen manch, hucky d HEADLINE A BAND, ITS THE OTHER WAY AROUND,,,,, a band will be there,,, sPend their effort promoting a Harley GIG AND HOPEFULLY GET THEIR FOLLOWING TO A HARLEY EVENT.. NOT A (insert your band name here) event @ harley.
I have been COMPLETELY IGNORED BY MOST OF MY PEERS, AND PERSONAL FRIENDS, yes I am A BIT HURT, but I got over it the day i got the e-mail from goo goo that they would like to pay me for my brain videos, the socio Psychological reasons for this are many and expansive, and even if i told you , you wouldn't understand. Thank you local (READ PERSONAL)friends for your lack of support,,, you all have reinforced my efforts to be world wide ,, instead of the local garage partY HEADLINER. THERE IS ALOT MORE MONEY IN IT QUINN,,, YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT,, OR NOT. consider this post world wide. ROCKNTV1 MUSIC TV INDIE BAND VIDEOS ONLINE BAND PROMOTION EVERYONE ELSE ,, HEY HOW YOU DOOIN ;) john@ROCKNTV1 / drums / audio video / ONLINE LISTENING band promotion = SHARE ROCKNTV1