July 26, 2010

Justin Bieber Molests Fan

Justin Bieber Molests Fan Is Just Another Rumor On The Internet, and who cares really. Justin Bieber another example of the music industry pushing junk at subteen fans. When i came home with the BLACK SABBATH album MASTERS OF REALITY, my parents forced me to explain the themes of drug addiction and satanism, two adult themes. Now a days parents would have to ponder the themes of BOOTY GIRL and such from kids much younger than we were. Parents would have to be complete simpletons to miss the difference in the underlying currants of today's music business. Parents, Do you really wonder why teen pregnancy rates and std's are sky rocketing. I personally am an uncle with several young nieces, non of which will ever receive the asked for cd's or boom-boxes they asked for from uncle john. They will how ever, if the interest is there, receive lessons and instruments. Master Justin Bieber have a nice day, thanks for the bunk. Justin, don't forget, cute little kids grow up, and then have to produce works of meaning... or not.. child star. = SHARE ROCKNTV1