July 26, 2010

Jonas Brothers will NOT BE ON

The Jonas brothers will not be on ROCKNTV1 MUSIC TV. It has been decided that this is Not real ROCK N ROLL MUSIC, It is however a commercially contrived machine generated set of tones directed at 11 year old girls. While Rock n roll music has gotten it share of bad rapps about its influence on kids, ROCKNTV1 maintains the right to NOT call the Jonas brothers music rock n roll and is a perfect indicator of the MUSIC INDUSTRY to produce records with a lack of artistic quality in effort to sell lunch boxes to school girls, among other things. I for one am NOT impressed with the Jonas Brothers, Thank you any way. Have fun kiddies. When you grow up big enough to ACTUALLY PLAY AN INSTRUMENT... GET STARTED. DON'T CALL US WE'LL CALL YOU. = SHARE ROCKNTV1