May 16, 2021

HandBrake video encoder Bench Mark

Handbrake is a free video encoder trans-coder software for converting a video file to many formats. This is a comparison bench mark of handbrake using a core 2 duo cpu vs a core 2 quad on the exact hardware, a Dell t3400 precision workstation. I show you the handbrake encoder settings for trans coding mpeg2 video to mp4 h264 10 bit video format. HandBrake video encoder Core 2 Duo vs Quad Core Bench Mark In this video I show a Dell precision workstation configured with both a Core 2 duo e8400 cpu and a q9650 @ 3ghz and the frames per second output of the Handbrake video encoder software.

The makers of Handbrake claim nearly linear scaling in the usage of multi core cpus up to about 6 core systems. After about 8 cores utilization, the increase in output performance per additional core added slows unless multiple instances of handbrake can be run simultaneously.
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