October 30, 2020


FLUX CORE WELDING on GENERATOR SPOOL GUN 10000 WATTS: Mig welding with .035 flux core wire fed through the spool gun. The welder is run on generator power at 240 volts. It is a 10,000 watt generator making 30 amps. The welder is spec’ ed to pull 20 amps to weld at 180. Here I am welding outside, where flux core welding is nicely suited. Using flux core welding wire in circumstances where shield gas cannot be controlled such as windy locations is the preferred type of welding wire.

The welder shown here has the wire feed build into the spool gun and holds a 2lb spool of wire for welding steel. Using a spool gun for mig welding aluminum is preferred due to the much shorter path the mig wire must make. When mig welding aluminum flux core welding wire cannot be used, shield gas must be. Clarke 185SG Hot Shot spool gun welder review.
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