May 1, 2020

RETRO PC GAMING P4 Extreme Edition Build

RETRO PC GAMING P4 Extreme Edition Build. P4 Extreme Edition Build RETRO GAMING PC for windows XP games. This computer build specifically for Flight simulator and Mechwarrior. Agp graphics card from nvidia and thx certified sound from creative on the pci bus. A pentium 4 extreme edition cpu of the gallatin core vintage adds the wow factor to this pc build. The video card is a 256mb fx5900 ultra circa 2003-4 and was the nvidia flagship video card an introduced with the Dawn Demo.

The sl7aa 3.2 ghz p4 gallatin core cpu has hyper threading, 512kb l2 a 2mb l3 cach and had a 3.4ghz brother in the intel netburst architecture. The hard disk drives for this gaming system is a pair of western digital Raptor in raid 0 configuration feeding the sata bus 190mbs burst read speed data transfer rate. The Dawn ultra demo was released to showcase Nvidia’s new programmable pixel shaders. Nvidia’s parade was rained on when an open gl wrapper was written that allowed the dawn demo to run on ati graphics cards with somewhat better quality.
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