April 6, 2020

How DOES Stirling Engine Work

Inside BIG STIRLING ENGINE How it Works: Tearing down a large stirling engine so you can see the parts inside and how it It works. A very big home made stirling engine build from cans. The displacer piston is made from fiber glass insulation and melted on a open fire until hard. This part of the stirling engine is 6” in diameter and has a stroke of 2.5”. The power piston is 2.06” and has a stroke of 2.0”.

This is a gama stirling engine, and uses the swept volume ratio of 6.5:1 more common to LTD stirling engine, than the accepted 1.5:1 of the the HTD variant. See how a stirling engine works inside. A very large stirling engine powered Hot air fan build from cans. Thanks for watching, questions answered, THUMBS UP APPRECIATED. comments = SHARE ROCKNTV1