January 20, 2020

Lathe Project Big Stirling Engine Cast Iron Piston

Machining a Piston on the lathe for a big home made Stirling engine from cast iron. In this video I show you the lathe and the setup of the cast iron stock in the lathe chuck. A bit of an experiment to verify if common cast iron available every where can be used as primary source of material for this big Stirling engine lathe project. Steam engine, Flame licker engine home made diy model engine.
Lathe Project Machining Cast Iron Piston For Big Stirling Engine, video PT1,

comments I will be using this fitness dumbbell as the cast iron stock in this test, these are available most every where for cheap. The general consensus is that the cast iron used to make these is of poor quality, and may have hard spots, or inclusions in the iron casting not suitable for the precise nature of a piston. I will at this point ruin the suspense and tell you this lathe turned piston and cylinder combo, did eventually go into a home build Stirling engine running in my coal/wood stove. Lathe chuck turning Big Stirling Engine Machining cheap Cast Iron piston comments

Finishing machining the piston, boring, threading and fitting. COMMENTS HERE = SHARE ROCKNTV1