September 11, 2019

John Deere 1330se SnowBlower

I took delivery of this John Deere 1330se SnowBlower on the day of a snow storm, After three days of waiting from the Home Depot. My drive way is approximately ¼ miles long and I had to check the oil and gas the snow blower on the lift gate of the delivery truck. I then proceeded to clear my way to the house. A bit of a problem arose only afew days later during the snowblowers second use. Other than the Electric shute adjustment, and heated hand grips, this John Deere 1330se SnowBlower, an old design that many manufacturers have been using for years, ie the friction disk drive. This part broke at its hub, leaving the snow blower stranded at the bottom of a hill, of course. I dragged the machine back to the garage and called my local john deere dealer to be told that the john Deere branded snow throwers are NOT a real john Deere product. I was able to get the part needed. A couple of tack welds at the factory staked joint made a permanent fix to the friction disk drive

John Deere 1330se Snow blower in deep snow throwing 25 feet. 18” snow. Electric shute adjustment, heated hand grips, and head lights.Two Stage, briggs and stratton engine, auger and belt = SHARE ROCKNTV1