June 3, 2019

Logan Spindle Bearings HeadStock Rebuild

Replace Logan lathe Spindle Bearings HeadStock Rebuild: The restoration of this 920 Logan lathe has been a slow 7 year long rebuild, as parts such as spindle bearings are not easily found. I was going to make a drawing outlining the the headstock assembly, but decided against, because Logan actuator of Illinois, has replacement spindle bearing and owners manual with instructions available for the logan 920 lathe.My 1952 lathe had its spindle bearings replaced at some piont in its past with non Logan oem bearings, shown in the video. Logan Lathe originally supplied these lathes with “New Departure” brand bearings, made to run with near zero clearance If properly assembled into the headstock with the bellville washers on the out board end of the spindle.
I was lucky enough to find some one parting out a 11" headstock with an original bearing still installed. BONUS. These bearings are pressed against a shoulder on the spindle making removal by pressing on the inner bearing race nearly impossible with out damage to the bearing, spindle, or both. After much feeling, spinning, eyeballing, considering, the hemming and hawing came to an end with a decision to attempt a cleaning out of the old grease, before the replacement back into the headstock. These bearing are shielded, not sealed. Meaning there is no rubber lip to ruin, just the roundness and flatness to keep intact. I made a few tiny holes with wire size drills near the outer edge of the shield, and carfully picked it out. Thoroughly cleaned out the old grease with denatured alcohol and greased the bearing. I flatin the shield on the anvil with some punches and super glue the thing back into place, paying attention that she not drag on the inner race of the bearing during rotation. Reassemble into headstock in reverse order, being sure to replace the endless flat belt, BEFORE, locating the spindle into the rear bearing. = SHARE ROCKNTV1