March 22, 2019

Vacation from GooGoo Tube

Now, you may think that American airlines, Southwest or the Caribbean used in the same sentence might be just the ticket for that exotic travel vacation package get away. Maybe a lastminute cheap Flight+Hotel package to Disney, Except, ,,, even the best planed vacation to even the most far off place, can not spare the socialite of the GooGoo tube era the 24/7, 365 scrutiny that comes with being the creator of web content and video. A well needed vacation from the chore of dealing GooGoo tube, began, on January 28, 2014. This would not be the usual vacation package for recreation, but more of a leave of absence from the unholy rigors of GooGoo tube’s social media standards. Neither a kayak nor travelocity could help me on this last minute cruise toward a relaxed experience as a content creator.

For those who have not yet seen the palm trees and coconuts of where this vacation story is headed, I have made yet another video. Glutton for punishment I guess, however I did find I was able to refrain from the use of any GooGoo tube services to the date of this writing. Hello Bing !! Actually, I worked during this hiatus from GooGoo tube, I called it a test, and came to many conclusions about the giant search engine/video site and its competition. None of which I care to disclose on this page. I will say, both Bing and GooGoo both still SUCK at spam control . The intended purpose of vacation is for reprieve from day-to-day chores and to devote time specifically to relaxation.
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