September 24, 2013

wireless keyboard fix coffee spill

Wireless Keyboard Fix TECH:Ever wonder what was inside of a wireless keyboard ? Usb wireless keyboard or bluetooth, they both contain a wireless radio, and surprisingly not much else. After spilling coffee on my usb wireless keyboard, I quickly removed the batteries, in an attempt to save it from shorting out what ever was inside. Having done this before on wired keyboards, and ending up with the nuisance of stuck or inoperable keys, I decided to try and fix this 10 dollar wifi keyboard. I really liked this little wireless key board for its compact size and light weight, and could use it on my lap instead of the laptop itself. Due to the lightness of the keyboard I reasoned there where not may parts inside that would need fixing if i could just keep the liquid coffee from shorting out any thing inside.

Grabbing a micro screw driver and a knife to scrape a sticker covering a screw I removed the 12teen screws from the under side of the keyboard and lightly pride the snap together plastic bezel apart. Now inside the key board i found nothing more than a small wireless transmitter combination and to sheets of mylar with the corresponding contacts separated by a sheet with holes between each. ans a sort of rubber bubble sheet that acted like a spring to raise the keys after depressing.
Removing this rubber sheet revealed the coffee laden contact sheets. Luckily the spillage never found its way to the wireless transmitter and a proper cleaning and drying would be all that was necessary to fix the wireless key board. Not because it was an expensive key board, but because I can. watch a how to fix a wireless keyboard video. = SHARE ROCKNTV1