September 14, 2013

make stand for 40939 6x26 mill

How I made my mill stand for the harbor freight 40939, 6x26 knee mill MINDLESS BORING:The 40939 milling machine does not come with a stand like the grizzly g3102 or most of the other 6x26 size milling machines. At only 50" tall however, the mill does need to be brought up to working height. While the 6x26 milling machines are considered a bench mills, the 40939 mill weighs nearly 600lbs. This in my opinion is not for the typical work bench. The grizzly g3102, g3103 and g0704 all come with what looked to me as a sheet metal stand, that is reportedly, dented upon arrival, and with out machine levelling options.

A 600 pound machine, in my mind warrants something more substantial than a 16 guage sheet metal stand, like 1/4 and 3/16 plate steel.
To make a stand with these materials would cost at least 200 dollars in stock,,, so I make my own mill stand with the steel i had on hand. Watch the how to make a mill stand video and see the most sturdy 40939 / 6x26 mill stand on the planet. enjoy = SHARE ROCKNTV1