July 31, 2013

build big beer can stirling engine howto p1

how to build the biggest beer can stirling engine tutorial part 1, built from newcastle brown ale cans. Building a stirling engine from beer cans is a simple way to learn about stirling engine building and gain an understanding of the science involved. I wasn't happy with just any beer can size engine, a big one would be good, so I had to use the biggest cans I could find. Enter the 5 litre draught keg. The over size beer cans would be perfect for both the hot and cold side of my homade stirling engine. The 5l draught keg thats fit into a beer tender are refrigerator size and use thick steel in their construction instead of aluminum pop cans that most who try their hand at building a stirling engine at home use. Here is part ! of the series of videos as I help empty a draught keg of NewCastel brown ale, imported beer from England, The alternative, a Heineken 5l draught keg may also be used and is an excellent choice When cold.

I like it for either the hot or cold side of my beer can stirling engine home builds as it works well a does the NewCastel. When you have at least 2 empty 5l draught kegs, your home build, biggest beer can stirling engine is soon on its way to being a working model engine.
the worlds biggest beer can stirling engine build from newcastle brown ale cans, video
The draught kegs are steel and will take much heat on the hot side, and you can stay cool at the same time, that is if you build a hot air fan engine. These 5l beer cans will be used for the displacer cylinder, and the cold side of this gama style stirling engine and fit with a nice seal, for freshness. You may need more than just 1 of each NewCastel brown ale, or Heineken keg, depending on if you make any mistakes while building your beer can stirling engine. enjoy ;) = SHARE ROCKNTV1