February 12, 2013

Blizzard snow removal ROCKNTV1 2013

Blizzard snow removal powered by Briggs and stratton, john deere, and sears. Snow blowing and plowing with 1972 sears suburban tractor and john deere 13330se snow blower. both powered with Briggs and stratton engines. The month of January in southern NH sported 3 weeks of single digit temperatures, then, February brings the blizzard of 2013. The first day of the storm brought almost a foot of snow to my almost 2000 feet of drive way, this was easily pushed with the snow blade on the sears tractor, to have wide wing rows for the coming snow storm and to remove stones from the eventual path of the snow blower.

I awaken the next morning to find snow depth around 2 feet deep and drifts to about 5'. Woah,, better get started. 6 passes down the middle got me to the road side where the state plow trucks had left me a beautiful 6' high barrier, lol, and the snow continues,,Four hrs later I was looking at another 6-8 inches where i started at 6 am , keep going. By 3 pm the storm was just a big wind, repeat,, oi. By 430pm I was done removing the snow from the main portion of my drive way, all but for the part in this video which is Sunday afternoon Feb 10 2013. This snow storm was a 3 day event, this is the clean up and a ride down the hill. long vid hope you enjoy the scenic photography. video above, Most of the footage is in real time to preserve the sound of these Briggs and stratton powered power tools. enjoy in high definition, Thnx for watch n ROCKNTV1

Machines used:
1972 sears suburban tractor 16 hp Briggs and stratton engine, built by me, 92lbs wheel weights per side, cat 0 3 point hitch 200lbs oak log for ballast, 2 link garden tractor tire chains, custom exhaust 1.25 and 3" chrome extension. john deere 1330se snow blower, 13 hp Briggs and stratton engine this snow blower is brand new, and i have already taken the welder to the transmission, be sure to subscribe to see these videos. drive way length approx, 2000' = SHARE ROCKNTV1