December 7, 2012

youtube partner earnings down

TECH:Youtube partner earnings down: IMHO, the suedo partnership i have lacks the adjusta-bilty of the ads, and the youtube earnings AS OF Nov. 9 "monetize defaults" starts a marked drop in earnings 1/2 of October despite increased views and video uploads. I am kinda pissed that there are "non skippable ads" on my videos, and no stats on my adsense on allowed and blocking, Basicly put, my currant youtube partnership is a huge let down, for the goal i have worked years to get. For as stupid as it sounds, I really was looking forward to get that "congratulations" email from youtube, but now EVERYONE with an adsense account is a partner. MY problem is this,,,, IN the week leading up to the elections, I noticed "Strangely", many partnered channels i have regularly viewed ran non skippable ads completely out of character for these channels, I cant think of an ad i skip more often than a politicle ad. logged in or not, same on my chan. =pissed,,, email received nov.2 about "monetize defaults" ok,, well,, my last years YT analytcs showed decent earnings from true view pre roll ads that a viewer can skip, this was a good idea i thought as some one could watch if they want or skip the ad THIS IS GREAT i think as the text ads t the bottom of videos drives me crazy if there is detail in the video at the bottom and i am not near the key board to close the ad. SO as of nov. 9 I can see a definite drop in youtube earnings,,,,period, half price ads, and i cant control them , but to shut them off,
Standard Reserved auctions fell from planet,,, WTF is an unknown auction,, are you kidding me,, I WANNA KNOW who's buying what on my page, there are to many nefarious mofo's with adwords accounts. The excruciatingly slow rollout of features to my seudo partner channel, and the seemingly grey area to a full partnership, lack of direct youtube support, is a REALLY BIG turn off when i want to produce new videos =pissed,, throw in the fact that despite 2 uploads /week for the last year and a half, I have produced a half price channel. If the problem was to go through 200 videos and switch 50 or so back to text base ads, it would be work but i would do it. BUT I AINT GONNA BOTHER if i cant make adjustment either in yt edit video or my adsense admin page. Channels i watch that normally get 1000+ views on a new vid get half hmm strange,,,,,sorry for the rant, wish i had an answer in the dark, but not blind so changing "content host" adsense blocking option with out reportings is another shot in the dark,,oi = SHARE ROCKNTV1