November 18, 2012

mig welder contact tips ACE HARDWARE

MINDLESS BORING:mig welder contact tips and welding consumable supplies in stock at ACE HARDWARE. Tweco style spool gun and gas mig welding contact tips, solid and flux core welding wire to fit Lincoln Electric, miller, clark, eastwood mig welders. Local ace hardware carrying Forney brand mig welding consumables made in usa.

On a preparation run, before hurricane sandy, to purchase a gas can, and some tweco style contact tips and flux core mig wire for my 185sg spool gun and welding project, my local box store had next almost nothing in stock. A short ride to ace hardware and i was reddy to go welding, and prepared for the storm.
TIP: when all run to the big CHEAP store, run the other way, and get what you need, including mig welder contact tips,gas nozzle, mig wire and more at ACE HARDWARE. = SHARE ROCKNTV1