October 25, 2012

spoolgun welder Clarke 185sg we6442

MINDLESS BORING:Clarke 185sg. I grabbed the best deal for MY mig welding needs, review the Clarke 185sg we6442 hotshot spool gun welder used, video. Apparently sears is selling the clarke 185sg and 135sg spoolgun welders and some parts, hopefully a source for 185sg parts is there, rollers, diffuser, contact tips and such. After writing my name in bead on an old file cab nit, I figured the min amps setting for the 185sg could not be 120 amp but 25 as this would be a multiple of 6 @ 2.5 =15 for the tapped amperage max of 150 rated amps output, making the owners manual and paint job a typographical confulusion with the rated 25% duty cycle. The amp, voltage range of 25>150 sounds more in line with portable welders of this class.
I looked at the miller 211, to expensive for my limited welding needs. Also on my list ws the hd180 or 180 pro from lincoln, several used welders of these model were on my local CL, although no call backs. Now, i called my local Eastwood dealer about the MIG 175 with spool gun package, decided against the welder when this deal turned up. For about 600$, the eastwood 175 mig welder with spoolgun, cart, auto darken helmet, sounds like a good deal, I dunno. The Hobart handler 190 with spoolgun, was also in the mix, but still on the back burner at around 1000$.
A spoolgun is almost mandatory for aluminum mig welding and gas is necessary, the 185sg does both GMAW and FCAW mig welding, using available tweco contact tips and consumables. The 185sg will draw about 22.5 amps at max load. to insure proper voltage and currant delivered to the welder, I installed a neema grade plug (L1430p) rated for 30a. Tweco and Forney also supply consumable welding supplies for the clarke we6442, we6441 185sg 135sg spool gun mig welder gas and Fluxcore. 240v 22.5 amp draw. Mig Weld steel aluminum, stainless .024 .030 .035 wire feed. no tig.
Clarke 185sg we6442 specs:
Spoolgun hotshot mig welder Exclusive wire speed control: Uses 4" wire spools: 6 power setting for maximum welding control: Welds with or without gas: Easily changes from fluxcore to gas shielded welding: Weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron: Fan cooled for better performance: 200 Amp Ground clamp 220V plug not included. Tweco-style torch with full ON/OFF safety control Automatic thermal overload safety switch
portable mig welder first job 10,000 watt generator 240v Spool gun not off shore, but it is off grid hotshot wire feed tow behind my sears suburban tractor and trailer.
welding on my plow frame .035 wire spool gun clark, 220v mig / flux core welder. i am not a welder but the old steel rips before my welds, tips appreciated.
Mig weld custom steel fabrication of chimney flue support using a spool gun welder and flux core welding wire.