June 11, 2012

JB WELD Sprinkler head repair

MINDLESS BORING:JB WELD Sprinkler head repair. After filling the Sprinkler head nozzle with jb weld, to repair the diameter of the orifice down to size br drilling. I waited 24 hrs for the jb weld to cure and harden, before sanding off the excess and fitting the spray nozzle in to the 3 jaw chuck of my logan lathe. The jb weld cold cure epoxy was to hard to scratch with your finger nail, so i figured it was ready to drill. I sized the drill at .105 and entered the jb weld under hand power, the epoxy was a bit "grabby" and pulled the drill bit slightly off center, fine for this Sprinkler repair, and was expected as i did not have a center drill small enough to spot the hole. At the end of the day both of my sprinkler heads were working, as the j-b weld held beautifully in the brass nozzle.
JB WELD Sprinkler head repair video = SHARE ROCKNTV1