June 22, 2012

Beeman AIRGUN RS2 .22 .177 RIFLE

Shop ROCKNTV1:Beeman rs2 Precision Airguns grizzly x2 dual caliber .22 .177 air rifle gun. Purchased for accurate pest control and target shooting. The beeman sportsman grizzly x2 is an adult precision air gun that weighs about 10lbs with hardwood stock and is German engineered and Chinese made. I bought this air gun from walmart for $115 because of the quality and choice of ammunition and barrels allowing me to use up an assortment of pellets in both .22 and .177cal i had laying around. I would not recommend this air gun for shooters younger than 16 as it is heavy and has a noticeable recoil. Once sighted in using the bundled beeman 4x32 scope, I can say i am very pleased with its accuracy and power. I cant not verify the availability of parts fir these air guns as it seams to be a now discontinued product in the beeman line of pellet airguns. watch the unboxing review video by ROCKNTV1

In this video I look at the RS2 a bit more, namely the scope mounting dove tail and the break barrel alignment of the rifle. Made in China, for Beeman airguns the sportsman rs2, is a cheap decent shooting dual caliber air rifle. Fit and finish suffers as with most products made in china, although a proper tear down and cleaning and careful reassembly would benefit this rifle considerably. = SHARE ROCKNTV1