January 17, 2012

INDIA World Leader in Spam

TECH: INDIA world leader in web spam. Kaspersky, a leading antivirus company released data recently showing better than 14% of the 79% of global spam e-mail was produced in INDIA. Spam is defined as unsolicited email or auto generated websites with little content or misleading links. The other top 2 purveyors of web spam content proves to be Indonesia and Brazil taking the second and third respectively. INDIA's spam epidemic is reported by Kaspersky to be due to a lack of awareness of technical issues by Indian internet users, making it easy for cyber-criminals to exploit india's computers. Internet use in India is third behind China and the USA, as largest number of Internet users in the world. In India, many websites/blogs have been penalized “Panda” a goog algorithm designed to fight spam and web site content farms. = SHARE ROCKNTV1