November 16, 2011

Surface Gauge Starrett 57B

MINDLESS BORING: The Starrett surface gauge 57-b has been around and long time, and the Starrett name is synonymous with quality. A surface gauge is used to scribe or point to a parallel line in reference to an edge or surface. Precision measuring tools in the machine world are not new. I found this precision surface gauge while poking around a machinists toolbox at a local flea market. To my surprise the gauge was hardly used, and in its original box. The Starrett Company makes several sizes of surface gauges, the 57-b is a full-sized surface gauge with both 9" And 12" inch spindle length and a 3 inch cast iron base. While many manual lathe or mill operators may make up their own gauge to set tool height the 57B. surface gauge can be laid on the bed ways of the lathe and used to set tool height were a quick change tool post is not used. The 57-b surface gauge may also be used as a layout tool on a part blanks, where bluing has been used to highlight the scribe markings. = SHARE ROCKNTV1