September 19, 2011

Do Diet Really work ? Facts

Dieting and weight loss programs, which one will work for me ? Diet foods, diets for men and women to lose weight. Diet systems that work? Ladies and gentleman, the health food industry has bombarded you with weight loss programs from every angle, TV Radio and internet, If you are over weight, you probably already know this. These offer pills to lose weight, exorcise programs to get you in shape, pre-packaged weight loss foods and low fat this that and the other thing, not to mention online calorie counters, wow i feel bloated just saying all that. While some of these diet plans may work for some individuals, most people find a short lived, weight loss or continue to get fat again after stopping their diet program. There are a few facts that most purveyors of the latest diet fad don't tell you.

1. Another definition for the word diet is "what you eat", this is what you eat, cupcakes or carrots.
2. You may have health or genetic issues that cause you to be fat, see your doctor first.
3. Weight gain is directly related to caloric intake / calories burned by your body. So if you sit in an office chair all day, and have a large sub for lunch, you will not burn as many calories as the person that runs around the construction site, this is metabolism.
While i wont discredit the use of all diet pills and supplements, i will say i have never known any of these to be a permanent weight loss end all and be all for those that tried them. To lose weight, I recommend a diet that works.
4. See your doctor FIRST, he or she is your best resource for determining a weight loss and diet strategy, program.
5. Understand your body, only you know what kind of shape and physical condition you are in.
6. SWEAT,, to some folks this is a dirty word. I am not referring to an exorcise / diet workout program that comes close to hurting your self at the gym or running a marathon that your body is not prepared to do. I am saying that sweating is your body way of cooling it self AND it cleans your skin by pushing the dirt from your pores.
7. Your stomach doesn't know the difference between being full of fast food or the sense of fullness from eating vegetable at lunch break. This is in your head, not your stomach, so having a vegetable appetizer before your main meal will go a long way towards curbing a tendency to over eat. While this might go against mom saying no snacking before dinner, you will be well ahead of the diet game then the starving person pulling up to a smörgåsbord of fattening foods.
8. Humans are NOT herbivores, never have been, and while vegetarians can do what they like, if you were born to eat nothing but vegetables you would have the digestive tract of a cow, and not the teeth of a meat eating animal. This is not to say you should eat the fattiest meats because they taste good, but moderation is always of the essence.