July 1, 2011


MINDLESS BORING: So I have rescued a Logan model 920 metal lathe from almost certain death. This Logan screw cutting lathe, needing serious tlc, and parts was for sale in the popular list. When i arrived at the sellers house, the old Logan lathe was buried in a garage one step from the scrap iron heap although the seller was asking real money for it. After looking the lathe over in all the standard ways, bed condition, back gears, headstock bearings, spindle run out, it was painfully obvious the "bull" gear had been broken early on in its life, and the lathe was to see high rpm duty with out a working set of back gears or proper lubrication.

Built by the Logan lathe company, now Logan Actuator Co., in 1952 the 11x23 floor model was sold to the Bemis co. The lathe some how found its way to a motorcycle shop who used it for polishing parts. This did not seem to save the old Logan from abuse as many "rube Goldberg" additions fixes and repairs had been done to the lathe over its almost 70 year life Follow along with my restoration of this logan 920 screw cutting metal lathe.