June 17, 2011

Steel Gears for mini lathe

MINDLESS BORING: SOLID OAK Replacement change gear sets for the Asian mini lathe are far and few between, I think I am the only source for these :) A Steel Gears retrofit for your lathe are the best choice, for an experienced lathe operator But I show you they can be made from solid Oak. The plastic gears that come with Chinese mini lathes are bound to break as run out and tolerance stack becomes an issue, although some consider this weak link in the threading drive train to be a sort of shear pin or fuse, that will break before more serious damage is done to the machine tool. In this video I show you a wood turning project that is more an effort in technical Ecstasy then any thing else, but it can be done. If you break the threading gears on your lathe, take some time to make some your self as the machine shop and metal working experience is priceless. These gears were made using basic hand tools and no involute gear cutter of any sort.