May 24, 2011


TECH: "Apples and oranges", YOUTUBE THUMBNAILS AND SUGGESTIONS BROKEN: It seems youtube is having trouble with there servers search algorithm, determining user video thumbnails and classifying videos in relationship with like videos, "birds of a feather" Videos uploaded to youtube are collated into search and suggested videos by an undisclosed method which seems to be broken as regular users of youtube have been complaining of broken youtube video thumbnails and mis-categorized videos.
Youtube users have the are "supposed" to have a choice of three video thumbnails to choose from , that best represents the video although, this functionality seems broken in the youtube web interface. YouTube Partners have an option to upload a video thumbnail, but are bound by agreement NOT to mis-represent the video content. This broken feature of youtube leads to mis represented video being displayed to the viewer, and furthers the efforts of unscrupulous up-loaders to leverage timing skeems aimed at the flash video player. Fix the search algorithm