May 15, 2011

2tpi thread cutting

MINDLESS BORING: Mini Lathe machine setup of a 2 tpi (threads per inch)r/h square thread cutting operation. Hobby machinist restoration project. 7x14 metal lathe with power feed change gears set to run 2 threads per inch. Video, Hobby metal lathing, screw cutting and turning. Spindle rpm is @ 86 clockwise.
Tool Bit Blanks, High-Speed Steel high speed steel and carbide tooling used, hand ground on 8" bench grinding wheel. The BD 7x14 with 550 watts seems to like running these threading gears in reverse, and I may actually remove the chip guard to leave room to run the cutting tools on the back side of the machine, keeping the chips away from the lead screw. = SHARE ROCKNTV1