November 11, 2010

Trojan Virus DELL 1545 cure

TECH: DELL INSPIRON 1545 Windows XP,Vista, Windows 7. Virus removal, Repair Virus damage and data recovery. I have the cure, the little "purple pill" for you to recover your borked windows installation. Trojan virus, worms, spyware and Keyloggers all found on this Dell 1545 laptop. No Virus Scanner needed, Free HOW TO VIDEOS ROCKNTV1.COM

Watch video how to remove a trojan virus running on a Dell 1545 laptop pc. Blue screen of death.
Task manager will not close this virus while it is running. The Question is, do you really want this operating system back after Being infected with some trojan virus? I don't, I just want the data. If you do professional virus removal or data recovery that's probably all your concerned with also. Now it's not that the dell inspiron 1545 is a bad computer, just that dell installed the wrong operating system. Data recovery from a Trojan virus or any windows computer virus is fairly easy if you install a live copy of ubuntu and claim control over data files to recover from a windows partition that wont boot. Then do a full install and forget about scanning for windows trojan virus for ever, Or buy a laptop with linux pre installed.