November 20, 2010

The Mayflower II Plymouth MA

The Mayflower II is a replica of the 17th century ship Mayflower the pilgrims made the journey to the new world in 1620. The Mayflower II is seaworthy and sailed to Providence, Rhode Island in 2002. It is open for tours for people traveling to see Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Mayflower II, VIDEO.

While taking a trip to Plymouth MA, getting to see the Mayflower II, a replica of the original Mayflower, was an added bonus to my travel adventure to the already historic town of Plymouth ma.

The Mayflower II, built between 1955–1956, the ship is considered an almost exact replica, barring the electric lights added for tourists, with solid oak timbers, tarred hemp rigging, and hand-colored maps. The ship is 106 ft (32 m) long by 25 ft (7.6 m) wide, 236 tons displacement, 4 masts / mainmast, foremast, mizzen, sprite, and 6 sails.

This is a boat, ;) The thought of spending weeks on the open Atlantic ocean in this thing, was an eye opener when i first looked at it. The reasons the pilgrims subjected them selfs to the torturous journey to the American coast, must have been many, as this was no pleasure cruise, unlike my stay in Plymouth Massachusetts, which was very pleasant and informative.

A great trip for the family, who likes a bit of educational value for there travel dollar. Enjoy this short travel adventure video, look at the The Mayflower II, a Mayflower replica, in the pilgrim memorial state park. Hotel accommodations and lodging, are available in town for familys with children, although reservations in advance should be considered.

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